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Our Mission & Vision

International Physical Activity Projects (IPAP) endorses research projects and initiatives aimed at preserving, restoring sustainable physical activity programs and is orientated towards promoting general and life-long well-being orthopedically, metabolically and cardiovascularly in order to reduce the burden of illness or disease carried by both individuals within a society and economically.

Sustainable physical activities that promote and encourage healthy lifestyles can be achieved through social and natural sciences either through screening for current and/or potential disease markers and through the implementation of country- and community-based projects or programs. Even though the burden of disease and illness is a global phenomena, IPAP stresses the need of country- and community-based projects or programs due to the diversities economically, culturally and socially.

Our vision is to inspire and engage researchers from diverse backgrounds to develop and participate in the development of sustainable physical activity programs and projects. This vision is born out of our commitment to the health and well-being of the world’s population. Our vision becomes reality through our relationships with professionals and health-oriented organizations. We pursue our vision by actively endorsing researchers who develop physical activity programs and projects.

IPAP is a not-for-profit organization that provides professional expertise and resources in support of selected physical activity projects around the world that align with IPAP’s vision and mission.


Joint IPAP & ESSICon Training and Certification initiative

We are pleased to announce the new International Physical Activity Projects (IPAP) training and certification campaign. This training and certification has been initiated to promote physical activity as a health strategy for the general public, athletes and for more specialized populations.

The IPAP Training and Certification initiative now includes a credential program that will provide exercise professionals with scientifically-driven training that ensures superior service to the clients.

The IPAP Training and Certification initiative contains three levels of certification for the exercise professional, designed to develop new skills or enhance existing expertise and knowledge depending on the exercise professionals’ current education or certification.

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President, IPAP

Professor, Dr. Ina Shaw B.A., B.A Hons, M.Phil, Ph.D.

MMI Client Engagement Solutions

Visiting Professor - University of Johannesburg

Adjunct Professor - University of Venda


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