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African Bureau - Projects currently endorsed:

Development of a structured physical education programme for secondary schools in South Africa.
Effect of a school-based physical activity programme on physical fitness parameters in adolescents.
Effect of combination exercise and a weight loss supplement on selected physical and anthropometric parameters.
Muscular power and speed responses to exercise in adolescents.
Physical activity programmes and their effect on cardiorespiratory endurance in South African secondary school children.
Effect of multi-skill exercises on muscular strength and muscular endurance in boys and girls.
Exercise and its effect on balance, coordination and agility in South African secondary school children.
Role of physical activity programmes on improving anthropometric variables in 15 to 19-year old boys and girls.
Effect of a school-based physical activity programme on flexibility in South African children.


New Developments

As the popularity of IPAP grows across the continents, with research interests covering more fields of expertise, and certification activities expanding, the Board of Directors is seriously discussing the possibilities of introducing the positions of IPAP country directors within the continents.

Africa, Asia and Europe are working towards introducing such positions in the nearest future.

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Brandon SHAW

Executive Director: Africa

Vice President: Publication &


Professor, Dr. Brandon S. Shaw B.A, B.A. Hons, B.A. Hons, M.Phil, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean, Faulty of Health Science, University of Johannesburg, Adjunct Research Fellow - Monash South Africa


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